green fuzz

I first spotted the green fuzz a few days ago. I had to rub my eyes and shake my head to be assured that I wasn’t seeing things. But no, it was real.

And now it has gotten more blurry as the days have passed. This new color is taking over. Larger and greener, almost glowing. Spreading all around, up high and down low. Multiplying everywhere. Just that quick.

The leaf buds are popping out of the bushes. They are starting to ever-so-slightly fill in the broad spaces between the limbs of the trees. The tops of the boxwoods are looking woolly, too – keeping their year- round green but lightening it up a bit, and blurring their edges with an incredible amount of new growth.

Once the warmer days – and nights – pushed their way in past the cold and blowing winter that had been in residence for so long, things started to change. The plants seem absolutely giddy to be able to show their true colors. The inimitable, celebratory spring green.

The return of spring is a glorious time, made even more spectacular this year by the polar vortex we have (hopefully) left behind. I hold dear the promise and dedication represented in the green fuzz that saturates our view.

green fuzz

One thought on “green fuzz

  1. bbutler627 says:

    You have a real way with descriptive words! Wow. I’m impressed. This pieces doesn’t describe the photo as it complements it well. Spring is a glorious time. I hope I don’t jinx it!

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