blinded by details – solc2018#11

Lots of changes are (hopefully) coming to our house. We are re-doing and expanding the kitchen, and working on a bathroom and laundry space as well.

In addition to or along with that, our tired old colors need refreshing throughout the house, so it is time to purchase some paint.

The range of beautiful tints and shades that are offered is overwhelming these days.  How in the world can you pick just one? Luckily our daughter, a talented interior design specialist, has agreed to help.  She picked out the perfect color for our great room, and I went to get a sample.

I knew the name and number of the color – but were the sample cards arranged in order in the store? No, they were not. I couldn’t make heads or tails of things until an employee (bless him!) came to help.

He explained that recently the display had been changed, when 200+ colors were added. (Just what I need – MORE colors!)  The employee found the color card for me – only after he Googled it and found the location through the Internet. (I am not kidding!)

As he was mixing the sample, I decided to look at the color display. This time I was farther away, not squinting up close looking for color names and numbers.

Incredible! It was all clear! The colors were arranged in base tones, with similar hues together, and separated into color groupings. Now I could see that it all made sense. And it was lovely.

This made me wonder…. How many times do I get lost in the delicate details of something and forget (or choose not) to see the whole, colorful, meaningful picture, arranged just as it needs to be?

I pray to have open eyes that see the whole, the big picture from now on – and then, as needed, to focus on the parts and details, when that is helpful.

Meanwhile I want to enjoy the view!


incomplete – solc2018#10

Our place at the lake is near a lot of farmland – after all, this county was primarily rural before the land for the lake was impounded when the dam was built in the late 1960’s.

As we travel to our cabin, we pass many fields that, at one time, were planted with nursery stock – trees, shrubs, and other plants.

While the first step in any task is to begin, the work cannot be complete until the job is finished. For one reason or another, these plantings were never removed to be sold as plants to enhance someone’s yard.

Instead, they have been untended and allowed to grow. And grow. And now the plants are so large it would be difficult, if not impossible, to dig the roots sufficiently so that the they would continue to thrive in another spot.

I do not say any of this judgmentally. The fields are beautiful with this variety of trees and bushes, especially at this flower-filled time of year.

And it makes me ponder the incomplete work in my own life.

What have I started that is still unfinished? How could I make better use of the resources at my disposal? What plans would be profitable, financially or emotionally, if I saw them through to the end I originally had in mind?

Time to take stock of my own tasks – to re-evaluate some current priorities and make plans for some long untended follow-through.

a great book – solc2018#9

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah was an intriguing story that pulled me into its very heart. In it, a former POW, his wife, and daughter move to Alaska for a much needed “new start.”

The book is about Alaska – its wildness and beauty, and the people who are drawn there: the coming-of-age and strength-gathering of Leni, the daughter: a wide variety of love stories: and above all, I left the book with the sweet remembrance of all forms of a mother’s love.

The tough parts of PTSD, and abuse, and injuries that seem impossible to overcome, and the repetition of bad patterns of behavior – plus a “Legends of the Fall” series of one disaster after another – were all hard to read through.

But the richness of the character development and the beauty of the language made this, in my mind, a wonderful read. Not a day has passed since I completed it that I haven’t thought about some aspect of this tale.

I just read a review that called it “satisfying, predictable, easy to read.” Those, to me, are good qualities, but apparently that reviewer doesn’t prefer those things in a book. And she also didn’t like Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.  So… we obviously have different tastes.

I was so sorry for this book to end. I miss the characters as if they were real people I know. I thought The Great Alone was a great book.

messengers – solc2018#8

like bits of sunshine

refracted through a prism

scattered out over fields and in ditches

waving in the pleasant breezes

heads held high

spreading the warmth of the sun


their springtime announcements

even more noticeable

when cloudy skies hang low

and snow drifts through the air

“warmth was once here,

and sunny days will come again”



image from Marcia Fraser


a hard day – solc2018#7

Nashville had a hard day yesterday. The first woman mayor resigned. You can Google the details. It was a resolution that everyone saw coming – except maybe the mayor herself.

A few weeks back my aunt asked me, “Do you think the mayor should resign?”

My answer? “She has done morally wrong things in her personal life, but as countless others have done that before her, then that, in and of itself, is not cause to resign. She has kept numerous activities secret for almost two years and now has lied about various details as evidence has come to light. But she is not the first lying leader. However, the problem is, going forward, it is doubtful that she can effectively lead because of the questions of trust that have arisen. If she cannot be a good leader for our city, then she should resign.”

After weeks of saying she would not resign her office, suddenly and without specific details, she plead guilty to a felony and resigned, declaring her continued love of the city. I believe she does love Nashville.

I just wish her love was deep enough, beyond her own personal problems, that she had offered an apology to the people of Nashville.

Nashville had a hard day yesterday.



enthusiasm – solc2018#5

The weather affects my mood more than I care to admit.

This weekend was cool but sunny and oh-so-springy.  Just delightful! And I saw everything through rose-colored glasses.

Today is rainy (again!), and colder, with more low temperatures on the way.  I have been a bit sluggish today and not at all enthusiastic about things that must be done. Yes, its Monday, but I am going to blame it on the weather this time.

I wish I could always see the good and trust in the better to come. I am working on it.

It’s a great day to share this quote as a personal goal. It is from an obituary I saw for someone I did not know – Julia Green Williams – and it describes her love of tap dancing lessons:

“never allowing her enthusiasm and delight to be eclipsed by her skill”
Think about it. And then dance! This definitely brings a ray of light on this cloudy day.