time traveler (SOLC)

The mother of a childhood friend died recently. I was able to attend the funeral and happy to celebrate the life of a dedicated Christian woman.

Traveling across town (and seemingly through time) to the church where I grew up brought back such fond memories. I walked in with the mother of another friend, and as we entered we talked about how we had taken for granted being a part of this community “back then.”

I honestly thought, for a long time, that everyone had been part of (or had the opportunity to choose to be part of ) a loving church family like I had been. As I have grown older, I realize that is, sadly, not the truth.

There were several friends there and I was reminded of the times we have spent together through the years. Growing up together is hard to forget.

Years ago, when my grandmother passed away, I spent time at her visitation greeting friends of my parents who came to offer condolences. This same friend who recently lost her mother came to my grandmother’s services that day – and she came for ME, not my parents – and I shall never forget how that comforted me.

And it was such a blessing to now offer comfort to my friend in her grief, and to realize that no matter the time and distance that has come between us, the treasured bond of friendship remains strong.

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