on the edge SOLC23 #31

Today is an ending of sorts.

End of the month. End of the March Writing Challenge (with thanks to God for getting me through it this year).

End of the week. What a week this has been. Local, national, and world events weigh heavily on my heart today.

I have looked back at the end of the month March postings through the other twelve years I have been writing here. I do long for the light hearted spirit I displayed early on. Sometimes now, current events take control of my thinking and I have trouble writing here about happier things. But I have certainly tried.

I remain thankful for this opportunity, this challenge. As always, writing awakens my senses of observation and contemplation.

On the edge of a new month and hopefully better circumstances, I’ll end this year with these thoughts:

Next week is Holy Week. We will remember what events took place here on earth as our Lord’s Son took the difficult steps necessary to save us from our sins and deliver the promise of eternal life. And as we remember His sacrifice, we will remind ourselves of all that we owe Him and how much we love Him.

No matter what, those truths will never change. Thanks be to God.

One thought on “on the edge SOLC23 #31

  1. jmryan99 says:

    I love how you reflect on the past 31 days of writing. This was my first time but definitely not my last!

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