solc22 #31 eyes to see

A lovely sight – dogwood blooms ushering in spring.

Yes, the dogwood tree is the first thing we notice.

But look closer. There are other trees sprouting leaves, and even a determined privet is there below. When thinking of all that new life we overlooked at first, the dogwood is almost a distraction from everything else.


When we write consistently, it helps us learn to look past distractions and see things we might otherwise have overlooked. Bringing new things into focus, new thoughts and discoveries. Making life more full and complete.


When we live through two years of Covid, isolation, control, and unexplainable governmental actions, it helps us think more deeply about what is beneath it all. Making life more complicated, but making us more aware.


As a society we have been encouraged for years to be accepting and tolerant. Yet there are things we should question, and things we should take a stand for.

What do your eyes see that you wonder about? Hold tight to that wonder, and dig deeper to find answers.

And above all, take a stand for what is right and true.

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