solc22 #16 leading the way

Our first grandchild is our granddaughter Madison, now seven years old. How can that be? She was born the year I retired, and as all first grandchildren do, she changed our lives so much for the better. Madison paved the way for the other three Littles to follow, and we are so very thankful for them all.

Madison has been a typical achiever, but the one thing she struggled with has been her level of comfort with unknown things, loud noises, and new people. Her patient mother has helped her overcome these sensory problems and now (most of the time) you would never recognize this in her. We still laugh to think of how scared she always was when her tall, bearded uncle came around. She adores him now, as he does her.

This child is artistic in the most creative way. Madison can picture something in her head, in great detail, and then amazingly get this vision onto paper. She has written and illustrated countless books that describe experiences and events in her life. The detail she notices and then puts into her work is astounding. Her creation of incredible 3-D structures – houses, vehicles, roller coasters, Ferris wheels, etc. – demonstrates yet another remarkable talent.

There is a “knowing presence” in Madison that is truly unique. She has an intuition and a compassion that is definitely a gift. Her kind heart reaches out to others when she senses that they are hurting or uncomfortable in some way. It is a beautiful thing to watch, and when you are on the receiving end of this thoughtfulness, it is most uplifting to your soul.

Currently my favorite thing – among so many – about this sweet child is listening to Madison pray. Where we used to lead her and get her started, she can outshine us all with her candid conversation with the Lord and the expression of her earnest hopes, concerns, and desires. She talks to God about the needs of her classmates, her thankfulness for her family, and her love of God Himself.

Every year and every stage of her life has been a joy to be a part of. While I don’t want to see her grow up too soon, I continue to look forward with anticipation to see what God will lead her to next.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:12

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