solc22 #14 on repeat

Our third “Little” is our grandson Wade. He is named after his great-grandfather whom he never knew, but who was a very positive influence in Wade’s father’s life. Our son-in-law Jamie was so close to Wade (Sr.) that he was delighted to name his own son after this man he loved so much.

And Wade’s middle name is Andrew. The same middle name as his great-grandfather (my husband’s father), his grandfather (my husband), his uncle (our son) and his cousin (our other grandson.)

Wade is a happy-go-lucky charmer. He is a non-stop chatterer, and he loves dinosaurs and monster trucks. He also loves to get his rest, and he is a sweet cuddler when it is time for sleep. He will let you know if he is tired – with words, or perhaps by his thumb stuck in his mouth. Even when he doesn’t tell you, you can tell by his grumpiness. But he awakens energized and ready to go!

My husband kept our grandson recently and as they were playing, Pops sang him the song, “Dominique.” He only knows that one word so he repeats it throughout the entire tune.

Pops sang it through 2-3 times and when he stopped, he asked our grandson how many more songs he would like for Pops to sing.

“Zero,” said Wade, “Zee-Row.” So that was the end of Pops’ concert.

We laughingly told our daughter about this, and she said, “So that’s why Wade has been singing that song over and over the last few days.”

Wake up, wake up, break out in song! Judges 5:12

2 thoughts on “solc22 #14 on repeat

  1. So funny! We are expecting our first grandchild, who is a boy, so I clicked on your link when I saw the description. Everyone one says being a grandparent is the best thing ever, so we are looking forward to his birth!

  2. Jillfr says:

    I just love hearing about babies so I had to click on your link. I thought maybe you just became a grandparent again. What a fun story to always remember as he grows older.

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