solc21 #31 in focus

Today completes my tenth year of participating in the Slice of Life Challenge. It has been a life changing experience for me. There have been many moments of growth, encouragement, and learning along the way.

I feel like I have made some new friends, even though I have never met them face to face and sometimes don’t even know their whole names. Yet that is not necessary for being true soul mates, and that’s what I consider them to be.

I am most grateful to the Two Writing Teachers blog for setting this up and keeping it going. They have done a wonderful job, every year. It can’t be easy. I hope it has been as rewarding to them as it has been to me.

In particular, this year has provided the opening of a special path for me. Since last year’s shut down I have found it very hard to write – even though it all began during last March’s challenge, and I did complete that. But after that time, honestly, I have sometimes had trouble even gathering my thoughts, much less putting them down on “paper.”

As always, this challenge has encouraged me to step up to the plate again. I don’t feel like my posts have been as well done as some in years past, but it is a new start, and for this season that is worth so much.

Again, I am grateful.

I always say I’ll write regularly from now on, but it never happens, so I’ll keep that thought in my pocket for now. Maybe I’ll do better. I hope. We shall see. If I do not, I will be the one missing out.

Writing causes me to have an “examined life,” and helps me be the person I am meant to be.

on writing:

senses awaken

scrambled thoughts and hopes align

focusing my world

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for another good month of March writing.

8 thoughts on “solc21 #31 in focus

  1. It’s always good to go on the firefly trails with you. It has been hard to keep writing (and sometimes even hard to keep reading) during this past year. For years, I hardly ever missed Tuesdays, but this year got real spotty. Hopefully we’ll have a better year coming up.

  2. Amy Ellerman says:

    It’s nice to think of March as being a time for a new start. So glad you are feeling reconnected with your writing life and with the TWT community.

  3. TammyB says:

    I totally agree that I feel I have friends that I have never seen – only their words. Do you know what would be amazing though? A Zoom meeting where we could have an end of challenge celebration and SEE each other!!!!

    • As much as I do NOT like Zoom, this does intrigue me, and it would be fun to see and hear everyone!

      • TammyB says:

        I filled out the survey linked in yesterday’s Two Writing Teacher post and suggested it. I would consider hosting it myself but it would only work for 100 people. Even if it was short it would be fun!

  4. hollymueller says:

    I can so relate to your thoughts here. I was happy to read your writing. It’s hard to show up every day in a year like this! Love your gratefulness! I understand your hesitancy to commit to the future, too. I hope you keep writing!

  5. Ameliasb says:

    You and I began this challenge about the same time. I have found this year challenging too but how appropriate that the challenge has bookended the year.

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