solc21 #30 push and pull

Spring always has a hard time pushing through the door. Some days it comes in strong, with warm breezes, brilliant blue skies, greening layers, and blossoms and blooms.

Other days it is tough. It is pulled back by winter winds, pouring rain, drooping flowers, and a gloomy outlook.

But we know, don’t we? We understand that Spring will prevail. It may seem delicate and unsure, but it has strong roots. The season of change is working, growing, changing. Eventually we will see it all.

Yes, eventually all of Nature will be on the same page – deep into Spring, and moving onward towards Summer, the season of full life and rejuvenation for the next generation of green.


In this season, in this year, Spring reminds me of America. Our country is going through some big changes right now, with lots of push and pull, back and forth. One step forward and two steps back. But our founding fathers and their guiding principles have deep roots. Today, people are working, growing, changing. I’m hopeful we can somehow find our way to being on the same page. I’m praying that right will prevail.

One thought on “solc21 #30 push and pull

  1. amyilene says:

    Yes, that push and pull! I am so glad you posted, even if it was a bit late.

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