solc21 #29 appetites

As I have gotten older, my appetites have changed.

Where once I longed to be with others, I was often in a group. I enjoyed the companionship of people so much. Now I still enjoy friends very much, but in smaller doses. Even in larger groups, I seek out one or two to be with.

Formerly I thought it was important to know what was going on in the world around me. I would encourage others to read the newspaper and be aware of all that was happening in their community. Now that doesn’t seem as important. Sometimes it feels enough just to keep up with the friends and family that are closest to me.

I used to love to wear bold colors, and fancy clothes. Now I don’t like drawing attention to myself (and I am a larger size) so muted colors seem best.

I loved going on home tours in the past. I always got inspiration there for at least one thing to replicate in my own home. Now everything is so over-the-top that I often come away shaking my head and liking my own house a bit better as is.

My thoughts on church are different, too (although God never changes). Things like worship styles, music, and even a desire for more Old Testament understanding.

My tastes have changed in many things – book genres, movies, TV shows, spare time, sleep habits, home decor, shoes, paint colors, even scents. Some changes come with age, some with current trends, and some, I think – I hope – with wisdom.

I will always love a good chocolate chip cookie, though.

4 thoughts on “solc21 #29 appetites

  1. There is so much about this slice that I love. I love the that you used ‘tastes’ as appetites. I love that you reflected on such a variety of appetites. I especially loved your chocolate chip ending. Thank you for giving me something to think about; my appetites have changed so much.

  2. mbhmaine says:

    It’s interesting to consider what changes about us and what remains the same. This is a great idea for a slice!

  3. hollymueller says:

    I like the idea of writing about “used tos” and “now I…” This was an intriguing Slice! Loved the last item that never changes. This is a great mentor text!

  4. Ameliasb says:

    this is a fun prompt to think about. Many of the things you mentioned are the same for me.

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