solc21 #28 not a drop

“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.”

Over the last three days we have had a tremendous amount of rainfall here in Tennessee. And with lots of rainfall around here, our sweet little Harpeth River floods.

And because the no-longer-sweet-or-little river runs though the middle of our town, this flooding gets into many neighborhoods all over.

And there’s this:

As I type this there’s a helicopter flying over from a Nashville TV station, filming our situation no doubt. And there have been lots of sirens, too. Many road closures.

I’m very thankful for the sun today. Hoping the water will recede quickly, but it will probably rise more first before it does.

So, Spring, we are grateful for your nourishing waters. But we have had enough for a while, thank you. Surely someone else needs them more than we do for now.


One thought on “solc21 #28 not a drop

  1. Ameliasb says:

    Rain is quite a force of nature. Hope it stays dry for awhile so you can get yourselves wrung out.

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