solc21 #27 xoxo

One day at the beach the clouds decided to play tic tac toe.

You can often see airplane trails cross in the shape of an X in the sky:

But look to the right in the picture above. It takes a combination of curving paths and swirling winds – and serendipity – to make circles. Here’s another:

Wow! There were several in the sky that day.

Even in a “negative” image – a clear space of blue inside a white cloud:

Of course the pictures don’t do it justice. It was an awesome sight!

I suppose the O’s won the game, maybe just by showing up. They were definitely more numerous that day.

Along with tic tac toe, XOXO can be a sign of love we put at the end of our letters and notes. This was a sign to me of God’s power and His love. A sight I won’t forget.

And a memorable reminder of the most important X’s and O’s ever:

4 thoughts on “solc21 #27 xoxo

  1. TammyB says:

    I love the idea of tic tac toe clouds!

  2. carwilc says:

    So beautiful! And your post is so creative!

  3. Morgan says:

    I love the line, “I suppose the O’s won the game, maybe just by showing up.” What a great way to view the beauty in this world, both as a finite game of tic-tac-toe and an infinite game where showing up keeps it alive and well on this earth. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The original love letter – wow! I have never heard or seen that before. Really spot on – thank you. And your clouds were great, too. It takes a writer to notice the little things that often go unnoticed:)

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