solc21 #23 spring peeks through

Spring has ways of showing up quietly.

Slowly, but persistently.  Little by little each day.

These pictures were from last week.  Already, there is more green everywhere, along with more buds and blooms.

And in my heart, more thankfulness.

So many gifts to enjoy.

Welcome, Spring!


2 thoughts on “solc21 #23 spring peeks through

  1. I love watching spring come to life in my yard. I wrote a similar slice yesterday. Slowly but persistently is the perfect way of describing the arrival of spring here in central Pennsylvania. It was a much quicker envent when I lived in Northern Virginia. Thanks for sharing your spring gifts.

  2. I love the description of spring “showing up quietly”. –and also the connection between more green and more thankfulness in my heart. Your slice feels like it captures the essence of the beginning of spring.

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