solc21 #21 a little more mama

Today in church we sang “Because He Lives.” One of my mother’s favorite songs.

My mother wanted to have only a graveside service when she passed away. So we did as she had requested.

She had been very active in church and some were surprised we didn’t have a full funeral service there. Mama had sewn costumes for the Christmas and Easter productions at the church for years, and the choir director she had worked with on those programs was especially disturbed that we didn’t have a service.

He told me he went to visit her and sang “Because He Lives” just for her. I don’t doubt that is true.

So today we sang that song, the day after what would have been Mama’s 100th birthday, in the same church where I had attended that choir director’s funeral service two years ago.

It was a blessing, and a reminder to me that love can last a lifetime, and beyond.

This afternoon, I went for the funeral visitation of the mother of an acquaintance.

This friend told me that she and her mother were very close, and she had lost not only her mother, but also her best friend.

I was able to tell her, from experience, that your mother never truly leaves you. You will miss her terribly at times, but her spirit will live on.

Once again, Mama, I thank you. Sending you my love.

3 thoughts on “solc21 #21 a little more mama

  1. Sending lots of virtual hugs and care. Wishing your mom a heavenly 100th birthday!

  2. Maureen Young Ingram says:

    I’m so sorry that you got a little pushback from the choir director; it is beautiful that you honored your mother’s wishes. I agree – “your mother never truly leaves you;” in many ways, I find, I can ‘be with’ my Mom and Dad any time I want now. They are always right there, in my heart.

  3. I love your title and how it reminds me of time and our own wants and needs. Peace, comfort and love to you as you continue celebrate your Mom’s life and love.

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