solc21 #20 happy 100th birthday

The first day of spring brings hope and encouragement. New life entering a warmer, more welcoming world.

March 20 is also my mother’s birthday, and during her days on this earth she also brought hope and encouragement to many.

If she were still alive, she would be 100 years old today.  Happy Birthday, Mama! You have been missed now for 18 years.


I have subscribed to Brian Andreas’s Story People emails, and here’s what they sent my way today:


Thank you, Mama, for planting that seed of belief inside of me so long ago.  You helped nurture and water it in me, and I have done my best to continue to nurture it, too.

My mother spent fun times with both our children when they were young, and she nurtured those seeds there, too. And today, even though she never knew them on this earth, I think she has had a part in nurturing our grandchildren as well.

Now as we await our newest little one, I feel sure Mama is up in heaven with Little Liza’s soul right now, tilling the soil of her tiny heart to accept the seed of belief that her parents will plant in her when she comes to be here with us this summer.

I’m sure she did just that with our other Littles as well, and it is now such a joy to watch their belief and trust grow as their bodies grow, too.

Thank you, Mama.

Happy 100th birthday!

2 thoughts on “solc21 #20 happy 100th birthday

  1. CJ Snyder says:

    What a special tribute to your mom. Happy Birthday to her! We celebrated my nephew’s 1st birthday today, too. Special day for many!

  2. Ameliasb says:

    A great day and way to celebrate and remember your mama.

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