solc 21 #16 word of mouth

I have been looking for a new lampshade for a lamp my husband recently painted. The new color looks great, but now it needs a brighter shade.

It is very hard to find shades that fit on harps.  The other kind that sit on the socket don’t stay straight and generally don’t look as good.  That is the only kind I have been able to find. And trying to find the right size and shape to go with any lamp is also challenging.

A friend of mine has an antique alabaster lamp that was her mother’s. She told me how she had turned it on the other day and the bulb blew. So she replaced it, and when she turned on the lamp again with the switch that was on the cord, the bulb blew again and the switch started smoking in her hand. “It needs rewiring,” she said.


Then today this same friend was telling me about a lamp store that she thought had gone out of business. She was so excited to find that they had simply relocated. She knows that they can fix her lamp. She went on about the quality of their merchandise – “A real lampshade, you know, made of fabric, not cheap cardboard.”

I got excited and told her about my own lampshade dilemma. She just wanted me to know how happy she was to find this store again, but she added that she was sure they would have what I need.

I am happy, too. We are going to go there together soon.

Nothing better than a good recommendation that is “word of mouth.” No Googling involved. Perhaps old-fashioned, but also very true.


5 thoughts on “solc 21 #16 word of mouth

  1. alilocker says:

    “word of mouth” always leads to the best things and experiences. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The best part is you have another built-in day to share with your friend – when you go shopping for lampshades. Enjoy!

  3. Rita K. says:

    Isn’t that the truth. I have a cadre of folks that I rely on for good suggestions and advice. Good luck with the lamp.

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