solc21 #10 the return of a tree

We had a water maple in our front yard that was a lovely, full tree. However, the roots tended to grow at ground level and sometimes above, causing many problems, so we decided to have the tree removed.

It was quite an adventure (you can read about it here), as the landscapers used unusual methods to get the tree down. We also asked them to grind up the stump and roots, but that was only partially completed, and my husband continued to chop them almost daily with a long, pointed bar in the months following the tree’s demise.

I have missed the shade it provided, and the shield it formed between our house and the street in our small front yard. But it really needed to go.

We always planned to plant another, more deeply-rooted tree in its place. But as things often do, time went by.

Knowing that fall is a good time to plant a tree, we finally purchased a leafless red maple late last year.  The same landscapers came and planted it. It has had all winter to grow its roots down into our yard. From time to time I would say, “I sure hope that new maple tree comes out in the spring.”

This morning as I looked out the front door into the morning sun I saw a very welcome sight:

The new tree is alive!  It is starting to bud! See?

What fun it will be to watch it grow.

One thought on “solc21 #10 the return of a tree

  1. Sharon G. says:

    How exciting! New life after a long winter. Enjoy your new tree.

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