solc21 #9 better than

Last week we stayed on Hwy 30A in a condo resort that has a small beachside restaurant. You can’t beat the view, and the food is delicious, too.

We were able to talk with the owner one day. He told us a bit of his personal history with the restaurant world and with this establishment in particular. He had started – and sold – other restaurants in the area, and he continued to have two others besides this one on the beach.  “I will keep this one until I die, though,” he said, indicating that it was his favorite. “There’s just something about this place.”  And he was right.

So I said, “Well you have found your paradise!” but he shook his head.

He told us how he loved the business, and his workers, and the location. But the problem that spoiled his paradise is the people.

I was surprised by this, as he was one of the friendliest restaurant owners we had ever met.  But he said, “90% of the people who walk up those steps (from the beach) think they are better than everyone else.  It is hard to make people like that happy. That’s a full time job.”

My husband and I found it hard to believe anyone could be in that spot, with that delicious food and drink, and not be happy.

I guess we are just simple folk, easy to please. The “elite” would find us common and dull.

Boring, perhaps, but happy to be that way!

4 thoughts on “solc21 #9 better than

  1. This line from the owner is so striking: “It is hard to make people like that happy.” How lovely that you were able to appreciate the place and be happy in paradise!

  2. It is so hard to imagine people not being happy to be in such delightful surroundings. Gratitude is hard to find sometimes.

  3. Cathy M says:

    The restaurant sounds like a delightful stop. I can only imagine the work that goes into keeping a restaurant running. It must be harder if you do not feel appreciated. How nice that you were able to pause to enjoy the restaurant and chat with the owner.

  4. Ameliasb says:

    This is such a great little snippet summarizing your travels, sentiments and a state of mind. I think I’d like to find this place on Hiway 30A

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