solc21 #8 a new day

Last year at the end of February I was so excited for that cold drear month to end.  I knew that the time would change in early March, giving us days that stretched longer and longer into the evenings, and the warm winds would blow, and things would look and feel better. I couldn’t wait!

Well… little did I know what March would hold. Who did, right?

March opened our eyes to a new reality, one I did not care for.  So I wished away that month and looked forward to April.

Well… April brought in troubles of its own.  And so on with May, and then riotous June, and on and on.

We have endured, and hopefully we have learned.  I have seen what people are really made of, and some have truly surprised me in this. I have discovered things I wish weren’t so, but at the same time I feel more “awake” and aware. And I am so thankful for the brave souls that are working to make things better. Bless them all.

This year I know to take each day as it comes, to celebrate the present and the good that is in today, every day.

Through it all, Nature has continued on, unaltered. What joy it brought to see the regular cycle of seasons, untouched by human problems and concerns. Carrying on its purpose, bit by bit, day by day. I have been more observant, and far more thankful, of the way Nature, and its Creator, support and encourage us.

And so today as I start to notice signs of spring,  I dare to smile at the beauty that is to come. It is there, and it is on the way. I can – and will – rejoice and be exceeding glad.

5 thoughts on “solc21 #8 a new day

  1. Lisa Keeler says:

    You’ve written such a helpful reminder for all of us. Thank you.

  2. Anita Ferreri says:

    You have written a slice we can all hold near to our heart. yes, the signs of spring are emerging here as well, in spite of the lingering snow piles and cold air. One of the only things we can be sure of this year is the promise of the new season. thanks for the reminder

  3. Sharon G. says:

    This past year has certainly been eye-opening in many ways – good and bad! Thanks for sharing your hopeful slice!

  4. Fran Haley says:

    Nature HAS carried on, untouched, providing its unique solace – none more so than signs of spring, at last. Thank you for your uplifting words here.

  5. Seeing signs of spring, after a year that felt like a decade, is such a welcome sight. I’ve seen daffodils starting to sprout from the earth. This delights me to no end!

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