solc21 #5 another miracle

As a reading teacher, I have always said that whenever a child learns to read, it is a miracle.

Just the realization that we humans have brains that can decipher little squiggles on paper to understand them as letters and words is astonishing!

Then to watch while those letters and words are combined by a reader into meaning is incredible!

And when you think about real comprehension – making meaning with mental images, connections, and inferences – well, that is nothing short of phenomenal.  Yes, a miracle, indeed.

Beyond that, when a reader uses this new awareness to become a writer, and can share his or her thinking through those same squiggles on paper, the world grows larger and smaller at the very same time.

I have been blessed to see these miracles occur over and over during my teaching career. None smaller than the last. None less life changing.  I have been so thankful when I have witnessed it, each and every time.

Ah, and when it happens with a precious child that is especially dear to your heart, it is almost too amazing and humbling for words.

This is my Kindergarten granddaughter reading a book she created herself.

A special miracle indeed! 🙏🏻

One thought on “solc21 #5 another miracle

  1. Ameliasb says:

    There’s nothing like it! What a fun book your granddaughter is writing.

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