solc21 #1 shifting sands

Every time we come to the beach I remind myself, as we leave, that the beauty and bigness that reflect God’s glory are always there. Whether or not I am there to see it and try to take it all in, the beach remains.

A few years ago we broke from our normal routine and came to the beach in the fall rather than the summer. The beach is fabulous in the fall! It made us wonder what had taken us so long to come at that time of year. (And the answer to that question was…work. We had to work in the fall. And our children were in school in the fall as well.)

I am at the beach now as I write this. We haven’t come in the spring before. Since this is a separate season, of course there is a different feeling during this time. It is still recognizable, of course, but there are things that are not the same. And that is ok. This is spring at the beach (technically the end of winter…) and now we are aware of what that means.

The beach is still beautiful, but the water’s color (on the Emerald Coast) is a bit more dull. The welcome breeze of the summer is now the chilling wind of the spring. Flowers are not as prevalent – although there is pollen all around. We have seen evening and morning fog that is pervasive and indwelling – but what an interesting perspective it adds!

Above all, I am grateful to be at the beach. And now, seeing it in a different light, I know – and love – it even more.

7 thoughts on “solc21 #1 shifting sands

  1. How great to visit the beach in different seasons. I would love to be there right now! It is the walking, watching and listening to the waves, sunrises and sunsets that I love, and I can enjoy those in any season.

  2. kflockhart says:

    Your post took my to the beach today, and I am so thankful for that! The phrase “It is still recognizable, of course, but there are things that are not the same. And that is ok. ” was my favorite part. And “indwelling”, I needed to look that word up to see what it meant, and when I did, I thought, what a beautiful word! Where did you learn that word? It fits in perfectly when describing the beach!

    • Honestly I had trouble using the word indwelling – I learned it in reference to the Holy Spirit living in us. Thought that word might be “too much” but the fog does seem to be around and inside at the same time..

  3. bradfordc0609 says:

    Three months from now I move to the BEACH. I can’t wait. Your post just reminds me how amazing it can be.

  4. Raivenne says:

    Visiting a beach off season is always interesting. It’s a different sense of time passing that is both eerie and ethereal. And as you say it’s ok.

  5. Sharon G. says:

    As a fellow lover of beaches, your post made me happy! Thanks for the visual.

  6. Being at the beach, no matter the time of year, brings a calming sense of peace to the soul. Thank you for sharing this pleasant reminder!

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