mama and daddy SOLC20 #20

If my mother were still alive, she would be 99 years old today.  I think about her so much on this date every year, and these fond memories always make me smile (sometimes through tears). I always know what my SOLC writing will be about on March 20th. I have also written about my father at other times, but not as often.  So today I will remember them both!

Apparently yard pictures were common back in the day. Better lighting? This is beside my daddy’s parents’ house, where my parents lived in an upstairs apartment, so I am guessing this was around the time they married, on October 4, 1940.

My parents were married for 16 years before I was born, and they honestly thought they could never have children. Then, surprise!

They were very settled parents to me, but seemingly enjoyed lots of fun activities before I was born.  Here they are with friends at Club Plantation in Nashville in 1942.

I couldn’t have had better parents. They were always supportive and encouraging and they instilled strong values in me. I always, ALWAYS felt loved.

Even so, they fell in love with my husband before we even married, and said he was always welcome to come stay with them if he and I ever had any fusses, because they knew it would be my fault, and not his.

Seriously, I was so thankful that they welcomed him into our family with open arms. Here they are at our wedding in 1978:

Time passed as they both worked and were active in church and other groups. Here’s their “big glasses” church directory picture.

My mother’s hair was quite thin and she wore a wig for many many years.  At some point she talked my dad into getting some new hair of his own. Thankfully that phase was short lived.

This shows them volunteering at Baptist Hospital, helping in whatever ways they could:

They both passed away in 2003, six months apart, but in 2000 we were able to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary:

Mama and Daddy, I hope you are celebrating together for Mama’s birthday in heaven today. I miss you both, and I look forward to us being reunited one day.

Somehow I believe you know and look out for our children’s spouses, even though you never met them.  And I’m sure you gave each of our grandchildren a sweet kiss in heaven to send them on their way before they came into our world.

Thank you for loving me – and all of us – so much and so well.

4 thoughts on “mama and daddy SOLC20 #20

  1. Kay Lynn says:

    JeNan, I love this and I love you. I had forgotten our Bobby was born on your Mama’s birthday. I think Beth favors her in the Club Plantation picture. 💕

  2. Fran Haley says:

    Such a beautiful post and photographic journey of your precious parents – didn’t people look so glamorous in the 40’s?? Those styles – ! How wonderful that they loved your husband so well (oh dear – a falling out would be your fault??). So much to appreciate here, so much to be grateful for. Sending you special blessings on this special day.

  3. It’s fun to see the progression of photos. The part about the hair – where your mom convinces your dad to wear a wig – made me laugh. You were as special to them as they are to you – I can tell from your story!

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