a few more common threads SOLC20 #21

The other day I posted about a historical fiction children’s book, That Book Woman.

As I was examining the book, I noticed that the author, Heather Henson, lives in Kentucky. Very appropriate, since that’s the setting of the book.

I also saw that the illustrator, David Small, is married to Sarah Stewart.

“I ‘know’ Sarah Stewart,” I thought.  Her books, The Gardener, The Journey, and The Library , are some of my favorites. Odd that her illustration style would be so similar to her husband’s.  But maybe they paint together.

Once again I went to my bookshelf and found (and reread) these books. And, of course, the illustrator on all three is David Small. Not a similar style, but the same artist.  I really should have figured that out right away.

Well, at least I remembered her name and recognized the line/watercolor drawings from book to book.

And I enjoyed all three books in these umpteenth re-readings, just as much as ever.

One thought on “a few more common threads SOLC20 #21

  1. Suzanne says:

    I love so many things about your post today. I was there marveling right along with you about the connections. I think it is so important to discover things about the people behind the books we love.

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