i spy SOLC20 #14

I am not a fan of winter. It’s not the cold that I dislike so much (I can layer my way though that), but it’s the barrenness and lack of color than seem depressing. Gray skies that prevail make it all seem even more gloomy.

But there’s one thing I DO like. When the leaves fall, the tree limbs reveal a beauty all their own. Some are graceful and stretching upward. Others remain drooping from the weight of the leaves that have now abandoned them, while still carrying their memory.

Ground cover is stark as well.  Grasses are long gone, and the bushes offer only slim branches and curves.

The foundations of life are showing.

I do love discovering this beauty that remains shrouded during the more bountiful times of year.  But I also enjoy the view that unfolds through this openness. It seems I can see for miles across the countryside, or spot the houses that otherwise remains concealed behind walls of green. It is fun to spy things I have only previously wondered about.

This will all soon be obscure again, as spring is coming quickly and already in some places the screening off has already begun.  But I am not saddened by this.  How could I be when, instead of a bleak and lonely view, I have this to gaze upon instead:


7 thoughts on “i spy SOLC20 #14

  1. arjeha says:

    During the winter months we can sit at our dining room table and watch people walking in the park and kids playing basketball because the trees are bare of leaves. During the summer we can hear the kids but not see them because of the leaves. Each season has its own pluses.

  2. Terje says:

    Wow, the spring tree photo gives hope for the true arrival of spring. I sometimes seem to forget what it is like to have green trees. The fall and winter seem super long.

  3. amyilene says:

    All I could think as I read this and saw the picture was that spring will come…it always does. There is such hope in the inevitable rebirth.

  4. I love this line, “the weight of the leaves that have now abandoned them, while still carrying their memory”. And of course, even when we find glimpse of joy during winter, we will always welcome spring.

  5. melissaroosh says:

    “The foundations of life are showing”… it’s really the truth, isn’t it? It’s like a behind the scenes secret glimpse into a world we often take for granted.

  6. Book Dragon says:

    Your voice sings clear and true. Your slice is a delight to read.

  7. […] Recently I wrote about how new leaf buds that are now coming out on the trees and full grown leaves that are soon to follow would be obscuring my far vision in the very near future. This growth is already blocking views of houses, hillsides, and other sights that I can happily spy during the winter. […]

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