a new phone SOLC20 #6

It was way past time to get a new phone.

  • My old iPhone 6S had gotten its battery replaced (am I automatically due the $25 from the Apple settlement??).
  • My phone would not run complicated apps like The Weather Channel.
  • My phone would sometimes shut itself off or restart for no known reason.

But it (usually) still worked!

  • I could use it for calls, voicemails, texts, email, and more.
  • The pictures I made with it were clear enough for my old eyes to see.
  • It was paid for.

My husband and I went to the AT&T store “just for information.”

  • The young sales associate was patient with us and didn’t laugh out loud (although he kept excusing himself to “wash his hands” or “ask a question” and went into the mysterious back room from time to time).
  • We learned that we could pay outright and did not have to get on the monthly payment plan.
  • The phones weren’t as expensive as we had expected.

So we decided to go ahead and purchase them that day!

  • The store had the colors we wanted.
  • The nice sales associate set them up for us and put on our new phone covers.
  • We kept our old phones for alarms or bluetooth music players since they were only worth $15 on a trade in.

Then we received an email detailing our order.

  • Were we told our regular monthly charge would increase? (no!)
  • Weren’t we told that the “insurance” would automatically be on our phones and iPad? (yes – however, we have gotten 2 emails telling us how to do this to get the protection we are paying for!)
  • Have I received the promised email with the correct charges from the “agent” I chatted with online? (no!)

So we have new phones.

  • Do they work fast and look current? (yes!)
  • Are we happy with the phones themselves? (yes!)
  • Will we have our billing and insurance questions answered to our satisfaction? (???)

And we really thought we were going into this thoughtfully…

One thought on “a new phone SOLC20 #6

  1. mrsday75 says:

    I hate buying a new phone! I upgraded to an 8+ a year and a half ago. But like you, kept my old one “just in case”

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