the memory remains

The soft petals form slowly, silently –

emerge and assemble

like pastel snow

gathering on the bare tree branches


the buds grow and blossom

and fill the empty spaces

to make a beautiful scene

dabs of watercolored life


but it is not to be forever

… time passes …


when the time comes

the blooms separate –

drift and float to the ground

again like snow:

when the wind blows it is a blizzard


then, spent, they rest on the ground

reminding us

of what a difference they  made

while they were here

before long they will turn brown,

become transparent,

fade from view


and yet, the memory remains…


our lives are the bigger picture

similarly making an impact


surprising others with our value

creating a memorable impact

even if just for a moment

or for only one other life


but it is not to be forever

… time passes …


yet this time in this present

that we are here

is time enough

for passing on

all that we have been given

and letting others see

now or later

what a difference it makes


and so it will be, the memory remains…

4 thoughts on “the memory remains

  1. rdicarne says:

    What a lovely poem. We had an ornamental cherry tree in front of our house and it was all beautiful as you describe until those fading blossoms found themselves being tracked all over my rugs!

  2. Fran Haley says:

    This is so beautiful – and so true. Our time here is short, hardly longer than the blooms, in the scheme of things. Makes me think about living with intentional grace and purpose.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    Yes, time passes. I am reminded to use it wisely and try to make some small difference for having passed this way.

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