truly madness – solc 2019 #28

I played basketball when I was young and our son played when he was in high school. I love to play the game and I love to watch it even more.

But I do easily lose myself and get caught up in the excitement. When our son played my husband would sometimes not sit with me.

I get a little vocal with the referees. My father was a referee for years, and I know they have the hardest job on the court, and I could never do it myself, and all that – but honestly – sometimes I wonder…  And I often express my questions and concerns out loud.

I have not kept up with teams much this year but tonight I sat down to watch a televised game between two teams that do not mean much to me.  But soon I chose sides.

”How can that not be a foul? Of course he missed the shot.   That guy was in his face like a gnat,” I shouted at the TV.

“A gnat?” My husband muttered.

”Look at that! Yeah you better call a foul. He was over his back like a hood. Just go ahead and cover his face, why don’t you?”

”A hood?  Really?” my husband said as he shook his head.

I still got it.  Madness comes out in March.

One thought on “truly madness – solc 2019 #28

  1. You’d fit in at my house!! March Madness gone wild!

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