moving forward – solc 2019 #25

So, yesterday was post number 500 here.  Now what?

I have been able to take the Slice of Life Challenge for eight years now.  I am so thankful for that opportunity, made possible by Two Writing Teachers. The act of writing has strengthened and encouraged me in so many ways.  It’s a great habit to write every day.

But even though I have the BEST intentions, my daily writing ceases after March.  Every year.  I want to keep it up, but I just don’t.

Perhaps it is too ambitious to to publish a piece every day. Perhaps there is a better way to continue writing – successfully.

I have been pondering this dilemma, and I have come up with a plan. (Here we go again…)  But I think this MIGHT be one I can stick with.

  • Write something every day.
  • Determine to publish two posts each week.  An original one for the Two Writing Teachers Tuesday challenge, and, on Friday or Saturday, a revised version of one of the many quick writes I have posted along the way.
  • Respond to the comments I have received on my writing pieces. As much as I enjoy and learn from these, I seldom reply.  Now I can go back through these and express my thanks, at the very least.
  • Comment more on others’ writing. I have developed a list of writers who “speak to me” in their posts, and I want to visit their sites more regularly and interact with their wonderful words.
  • Organize my posts.  I have never used tags, and it is time for that to be done!
  • Evaluate my dream of publishing a book and decide 1) if I truly want to, and if yes, 2) how to get that done.

To make these ideas work, I will need to spend time writing each day. Not publishing a post every 24 hours, but carrying through with a writing activity with regularity.

I am putting this here to remind myself of these ideas and plans. And I welcome any suggestions that YOU might have, dear readers.

Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “moving forward – solc 2019 #25

  1. Liz Forderhase says:

    I wish you luck in sticking to your plan. It sounds reasonable, which is a big part of sticking to any plan.

  2. Good luck to you. I am a first year slicer and I’m really enjoying the challenge, but don’t know if I can keep it up. I like your plan of quick writing everyday, and polishing and publishing one. I also would like to respond to my comments – I do so appreciate them. It’s amazing the joy it brings.

  3. Your plan sounds good. Have you visited TeachWrite? Lots of good ideas there and some slicers involved. There’s a word of the day prompt.

  4. JudyK /J Koval says:

    I like your plan and might try something like it myself {especially the part about using tags)! This is my 3rd time doing the March challenge, and every year I write a little for a month or two afterward, then stop. Maybe this is the year I can do better!

  5. Great plan! Ditto on Diane’s comment about exploring Teach Write. If you are on Facebook, join us. Each afternoon a call goes out for a quick mention of what you’ve worked on or are going to that day. It’s a great accountability piece. I’ve also signed up for the Wednesday night writing group (we meet via Zoom online) and we write together for 90 blissful minutes. It’s amazing! I hope you’ll consider it! — Christie

  6. You’ve developed a great plan. I like setting aside time every day to write, but not trying to publish every day.

  7. lisajsc says:

    I think your plan is very doable. Something is easier to commit to when it doesn’t feel like a commitment. You’ve imbedded variety and small steps. Perfect. And commenting is so helpful to fellow writers – and it counts as writing, too!

  8. […] one of the last seven years I have … not. So I created a schedule of sorts and posted it here to remind myself how I could keep writing.  So far so good. Until […]

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