a milestone – solc 2019 #24

We are starting to plan some upgrades and possible additions to our cabin at the lake.  Our first step in this process will be making a comprehensive list of all the things we already love about the property. And there are many!

With my writing I am going to try to be more consistent after this month of challenge and growth is over.  I have said I wanted to do this before… with INconsistent results.  But before I make my plan to move forward with my writing, I want to stop and list the things I already love about what I have done. And there are many!

  • This is the eighth year that I have participated in Two Writing Teachers’ SOLC in March.  Eight Years!
  • Some stories of important family history for my children and grandchildren to remember are now written down for them to keep.
  • On occasion, I have found just the right words, phrases, and cadences that make hearts smile.
  • I have become so much more cognizant of the beautiful world around me.
  • Connections that I have made between small daily occurrences and larger life lessons have enriched my thoughts.
  • Some amazing writers have crossed my path and I have been awed by their work.
  • When I publish this piece I will have 500 posts here on fireflytrails.  500!!

I have said many times that writing makes me more of the person that I long to be, closer to who I am meant to become. So I have been thinking of ways that I can continue to write more consistently and live a more writerly life.

That post comes tomorrow.  Today, for #500, I am celebrating all the worthwhile and fulfilling ways that writing has made my life more complete.

And I am thankful!

4 thoughts on “a milestone – solc 2019 #24

  1. It’s hard doing the 31 days of March, but I do agree that I am more cognizant of the world around me and think more like a writer when I write every day. Life, however, will need some catching up after the challenge!

  2. Wow, wow, wow- congratulations on 500! I am impressed. I agree with your valuation of what writing gives you and your gratitude for this community. I especially like your line ‘closer to who I am meant to become.’

  3. Anna Maria says:

    Congratulations on 500! That’s 500 pieces of written work of you opening yourself up to other people. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with everyone.

  4. Oh my goodness, 500 posts?! That’s incredible. 500 times you shared your heart and your mind through the interwebs… Thanks for your inspiration!

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