more than a survivor – solc 2019 #23

“This is my book,” she said to me with an ear-to-ear grin and look of humble pride and joyous satisfaction.

I’m not sure how the conversation shifted from our discussing her health and chronic cough to showcasing her book, but it was there in her hand and she was so happy to talk about it. And I was very interested to hear more.

“It says, ‘Not for Resale’ because this is my author’s proof copy from the publisher.  It’s the first time I have seen it in actual book form and held it in my hands. I am going through it and finding a few things to change and correct.” She flipped through the pages and I noticed some red marks here and there – not a lot – and I was mesmerized.

“There is a lot of your heart and soul in there,” I told her. “You must be thrilled!”

She had a look of realization that I was someone who knew just a bit about putting your life into words. So she proceeded to excitedly tell me about the book.  The words and revelations come from the hard parts and places of her life, and in her chapters she shares these situations, as well as how she got through them (the subtitle is My Journey to Healing through Forgiveness).

“There’s a Bible verse for each section, and then the story.”

I looked at her straight in the eyes then, and wondered what she had been through. You would never know from her appearance now. But isn’t that often the case? She has obviously found a way to overcome so much. “Oh, I want to read your book!” I told her. “Do you know when it will be available?”

She explained about getting an ISBN number and a tiny bit of the process, and then she said, “One chapter is about Ted Bundy being my babysitter. Of course I was told then never to talk about the things that went on.”

Chills spread down my spine.  Oh my.

“Well, I can’t wait to read it. And I am so proud for you to have told your stories in this positive way. And now you have a published book!  That’s a dream of mine, but I haven’t followed through on it like you have.”

As it turns out, she is a singer songwriter and also belongs to a writers’ group at a local church that has offered her lots of encouragement. They read pieces to each other, as writers’ groups do, and offer constructive criticism. Songs, stories, poems, and books. I shared with her about this Two Writing Teachers community and how thankful I am for the opportunity to be a part of it. But I know I have a long way to go.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who support each other as writers, and I say to us all, “Let’s never give up on our dreams.”

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment so I can know what is on YOUR mind!

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