spring break angst – solc 2019 #22

When I was in high school, and then when my children were in high school, and even as a teacher, Spring Break was a tough time.

In my own school days, my private school was often on a different schedule from the public schools, and when my church youth group planned a trip, it wasn’t during MY break.  How could I miss? And yet, how could my mother call in each day and lie about where I was and why I wasn’t there?

Such a dilemma.

During the years that our children were in a private high school, again, often on a different schedule from my own public school teaching break, we had trouble coordinating trips, not to mention that we often couldn’t afford the high dollar trips many of their friends took. Sometimes we came through for them, but it was always a source of concern.

Such a hard decision to make.

Even when our children were grown, I would enjoy my relaxing spring break at home, loving every minute of my own time, but then come back to tanned students. Ugh. I, on the other hand, still had my winter-white complexion.

Such a contrast.

In the grand scheme of life this is a very silly thing to remain in my memory and to have even been dwelt on in the first place. But I am reminded of it this spring break 2019 week. I see those “left behind” walking down the street or wandering aimlessly at the mall.  Waiting for their friends to return and talk endlessly about the wonderful escapes they have enjoyed.

Or maybe today’s kids are smarter than me. I sure hope so!  We have had a beautiful week of spring weather here at home. And we live in an area with no lack of fun things to do.  I hope the children who didn’t take trips this week found lots of excitement and fulfillment right here!

Hopefully spring break angst is a thing of the past.

One thought on “spring break angst – solc 2019 #22

  1. Fran Haley says:

    How intuitive you are. Spring break was hard for me, too, working in a system with one break and my children having another. Each year we just figured out how to handle couple of days together. They’re not easy, schedules – but I notice a lot of families choosing togetherness or travel even if it means missing school. Much more so than when I was a child!

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