still here – solc 2019 #20

We kept our grandchildren yesterday and had such fun. At the end of the day we took them home, and in usual fashion, upon entering her home our granddaughter quickly took off her shoes and socks.

But instead of staying barefoot as she usually does, she put on her gold sandals. Strippy-strappy with shades of white, yellow, and pink gold in varying sheens and finishes. So special and stylish. And comfy too (according to her).

“Those shoes remind me of Meemom,” I told her.

Madison’s old enough now to know who Meemom is, even though she never met her. “That’s your mommy and my mommy’s grandmother,” she reminded me.

Yes, sweet child, that is right. Oh, how Meemom would have loved you. Just like she adored your mother when she was your age. And yes, just like she treasured me, too.

Today would have been my mother’s 98th birthday. She has been “gone” for sixteen years. But there’s a part of her that is always still here with us. Her uniqueness, her style, her influence, and her love continue on.

Just like when Madison puts on those strappy gold sandals that she loves.  Meemom would love them too.

4 thoughts on “still here – solc 2019 #20

  1. Ramona says:

    “Still here,” precious words. I lost my dad when I was 25 and my mom when I was 36. Still missing them, and yes, they are still here. I love how we can keep them part of our lives by remembering and sharing them with the next generation.

  2. lisajsc says:

    “gone” – the word in quotes say it all. My mom is still here, too.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    Last night and this morning I had been finishing a poem I wrote for/about my mom, who I also lost 16 years ago come September. I am caring for my granddaughter and grandson, and often think how much Nannie 1 would have loved to be here to share in her life, as she did with my daughter and me. Wow. Your post was like something I could so relate to, so parallel to mine now, Thanks.

  4. Fran Haley says:

    Those we’ve loved and lost are never far away. JK Rowling said, “The ones we love never really leave us.” I believe it with all my heart. As Madison and Meemom show us, here.

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