spring break – solc 2019 #19

It is spring break for the two school systems in our county. That means that 50% of our population is away on a trip.

You think I exaggerate. I do not think I do. I promise that if you are in Destin, Florida this week you will see multitudes of people from Williamson County, Tennessee.  And of course there are lots of other “natives” travelling elsewhere, too.

But I am home and happy to be here. The weather is a bit cool, but the skies are filled with sparkling sun all day.

If you sit still outside long enough, you can see the ground, plants, and trees growing and greening. It is delightful!

And there’s another plus – hardy any traffic.  It’s like our town was twenty years ago. Also quite delightful!

We do live in an area with lots of growth. And we have an abundance of stores, restaurants, and amenities to meet the needs of all those people. I do like the convenience of this. But from time to time it is nice to remember how things used to be and be able to go from one place to another without getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Even though I am retired, I am savoring this delightful spring break!

2 thoughts on “spring break – solc 2019 #19

  1. Ameliasb says:

    Our spring break is in two weeks. But my feeling is that from February to May everyone in the Pacific Northwest heads somewhere else. February it is Hawaii, May it is Europe. I’m home and I’m loving some early spring weather!

  2. Ramona says:

    Like you, I’m retired and I love the slower pace during breaks when so many in our community leave town. Love these words: “…you can see the ground, plants, and trees growing and greening.”

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