maybe she’d stop for this – solc 2019 #15

I grew up in East Nashville/Inglewood, and for the first nine years of my life my parents and I lived in an upstairs apartment over my grandparents’ house. One day, a few years ago, my daughter was driving us around and we were looking at places where I, and other family members, had lived.

One spot we visited was this first home of mine. Admittedly, the area had “gone down” quite a bit in the fifty years since we had lived there.  My grandparents’ house, after it was sold, actually had quite a bad fire and had to be almost totally rebuilt. So as we drove down that one block street, I was curious to see what had been changed and what remained that I could recognize.

“Hey, slow down,” I told my daughter. “I want to get a better look at things here.”

“This is NOT a good neighborhood,” she said without even slowing down. “I am getting us out of here as fast as I can!”

And that was that.

Yes, admittedly, it was not the same as it was fifty years ago – and not the same as my memories.


Some time later I saw this post on Instagram:

Look at that! Right on the street where I used to live. Not my old family home, but one just across and down the street. What a cute house!  Looks like the neighborhood was being revitalized, just like much of the East Nashville/Inglewood area. Now I really want to see my grandparents’ house again.

Maybe my daughter would slow down the next time – if I ever get her back there again. Still, I probably need to drive next time.

3 thoughts on “maybe she’d stop for this – solc 2019 #15

  1. Lisa Corbett says:

    I was hoping you would be able to go inside! Would you want to do that? My grandmother passed away 22 years ago, and I haven’t been back in her house since. I’m sure the new people have changed it and I want to remember it the way it was.

  2. Daniel Rack says:

    it is amazing how neighborhoods change… My mom always says things like “I don’t want to see it now, I want to remember it how I left it” – well, I on the other hand, love seeing change (yes, good and bad). It helps to understand that change itself is inevitable!

  3. Donna Smith says:

    Lol! Yeah, you might want to drive anyway. You know what you want to see… an old tree that was new, how the sidewalks look… all trivial if you didn’t live there yourself. My husband and I went back to see a mobile home in a park where we spent our first year of marriage. Ewww. So not good now. Even WE did not want to spend time looking. The memories were much better left alone!

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