forget me not – solc 2019 #14

I took this picture almost two years ago.

What you see is the “peephole,” the opening in the blinds we made for our dog so she could look out to the front side of the house and watch the cars go by. She had a full length window to view the backyard, but she liked to see where the action was.

She had always had her run of the house…until… she had gotten older and her bladder wasn’t too reliable. And there were other ailments, too. So we decided to contain her in our kitchen. All hardwood floors, outside views and sun coming in, plenty of food and water, her comfy bed (you can see a corner of it in the picture), and when we were home, the place we spent the most time.

We even started staying there in the evenings after dinner – watching a tiny TV from the easy chairs that replaced our kitchen table. Just to be with her (and keep her off the rugs in the other rooms).

We were just making her comfortable, we told ourselves. Changing her diet to soft food (which ran right through her), giving her calming pills and a diaper so she could continue to sleep in our bedroom at night, helping her (or carrying her) up and down stairs because of her bad hip.

And then one day, we suddenly knew. She wasn’t comfortable. She wasn’t happy. She just wasn’t well.

Maggie wasn’t with us for long after that. We have missed her from the depths of our hearts. She was, as we said so often, “the best dog.”

You will never be forgotten, sweet dog. We so frequently find ourselves saying, “What would Maggie do at a time like this?” or “Remember when Maggs did …?” And when I see pictures like this one I am reminded that we did all we could but it just wasn’t enough to make her truly comfortable here any longer.

We have considered getting another dog, of course.  But when we lost Maggie, we were soon to have 2 new grandsons, and then we embarked on a year long remodeling project, and quite frankly, right now we have gotten used to the lack of responsibility and planning that those without pets are accustomed to.

But even if we do get another dog someday, Maggie, you can rest assured that we will “forget you not.”

2 thoughts on “forget me not – solc 2019 #14

  1. Erin Bradley says:

    I’m sitting here at my computer crying. Such a tender story you tell so sweetly, I can feel the love you had for her. I have a dog and honestly just the thought of being without her can wreck me. They are such precious gifts. I’m so glad you got the time with her that you did. So sorry for your loss.

  2. lisajsc says:

    Our 10 year old Buck – golden retriever/St. Bernard mix – lost his battle to an aggressive cancer on December 1. We were absolutely devastated. I miss him every day and hold onto cherished memories. He was the “best dog,” too. Thank you for your post. Hugs.

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