layers – solc 2019 #13

Isn’t this a beautiful candle?

Usually I purchase a candle because I like the scent.  But this one was so pretty.  My favorite colors, all stacked and swirled just so.  Lovely!

Nature likes to layer things as well:

A field of sedge grass, hills with blurry and brown winter trees in the background, even a sprinkle of bare limbs reaching to the milky sky. But there in the middle – that’s where hope lies!  Trees with blooms of white and leaves of green. Spring is coming!

And look how the sun illuminates these layers:

A cold blue sky over a hill covered in leaf-fall, punctuated by sleeping trees waiting for more temperate days. And then that life-giving stream, unfrozen now, and the short grass awakening and starting to green, promising those warmer days to come.

Sometimes the layers are on the ground right in front of you:

The stone, the fallen petals, the baby grass.  Well, in truth you see an old driveway, mostly weeds, but still the fallen petals blown into a line and dividing the space. Lovely layers, no matter what you call them.

Fog or mist makes wistful layers:

Dividing the ground and trees, it seeps in and slips away. The sky lights in layers, too.

I also think of people, the many layers of years they carry, the layers they display and the ones they hide.

Here’s a quote for the writers in all of us:

“Tree trunks are composed of layers of growth. Meaningful expressions are composed of layers of words. Say something meaningful.” 
― D’Andre Lampkin

I continue this quest to find just the right layers of words.


2 thoughts on “layers – solc 2019 #13

  1. lisajsc says:

    This is one of the most beautiful posts I’ve had the privilege of reading. Truly inspirational. Thank you.

  2. Alice Nine says:

    I think you “found the right layers of words” and pictures in this slice. Lovely, simply lovely. I like the quote from D’Andre Lampkin… one for the journal.

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