a visitor – solc 2019 #12

We are spending the week at our cabin at the lake. We are looking forward to our daughter and two of our grandchildren coming to spend some time with us here.

Yesterday we heard the unmistakable pitter-patter of little feet – two days early!

NOT the little feet we wanted to hear. Somewhere in the crawl space between the first and second floors.  Ay, yi, yi.  (Or however you spell it…) We have an unwanted visitor in our house.

Actually thee may be more then one.  AARGHHHH!!  Thankfully they are quiet at night.

I think it (they) is (are) in the ductwork. At least I believe they came in that way.  There’s no evidence outside of any other entry point. And the man who came today for the spring HVAC checkup said he saw evidence (nuts) under the unit.

He also said they usually cover the access holes with metal strips when they install a new unit (as they did here two years ago.) “I guess we just forgot,” he said.  Great…  After the animals are removed they will come back and put those metal strips on – “free of charge,” he said.  Good!

Yesterday I called our pest control company.  They can come tomorrow for a free inspection. If it is mice or other rodents they can take care of it.  If it is wildlife we will have to call someone else.  Of course we don’t know what it is, but we are having them come for the inspection.

Meanwhile we called a wildlife removal expert who can come NEXT Wednesday.  He is out of town through the weekend.  He can’t help that, but they may be dead and smelly by then.  Anyway he thinks it is squirrels, too. Or chipmunks.

If squirrels and chipmunks are considered rodents then the pest control company can “take care of them” tomorrow. But my guess is they will be considered wildlife.

I am truly sorry for them and I know they also would like to be out instead of in. But I also hope they don’t do any damage.  And I really hope they don’t “stink the place up.”

This post is scattered and wandering – just like the critters are behaving right now. Maybe after this is resolved I can use this experience and write that first children’s book I have dreamt of publishing. The critters would be very sympathetic characters, of course, and there would be a happy ending for all.  A fiction book, I’m afraid.

But right now I’m not feeling it.  I just want them gone!



After I originally published this post, I looked out on the deck to see this:

When I walked out he/she scrambled across the yard and over to the fence line.  Then when I came back in I heard rapid footsteps up above in the ductwork space. Did it come back in???  I think this one may be trying to rescue another one. Or babies? Another exciting chapter of that sweet story – BUT – for now I just want them GONE!


3 thoughts on “a visitor – solc 2019 #12

  1. Donna Smith says:

    I wondered what would be considered “wildlife”. We have some creature between the walls of my daughter’s room. We tried a mouse trap near the radiator, but it seemed to only agitate him that he couldn’t get to it! So that was a failure. We can’t afford a pest guy right now, so we are going to have to hope he likes the weather outside better than in very soon!

  2. Alice Nine says:

    From my experience… squirrels are rodents… and they are very destructive. Too bad they are so cute. Wildlife are snakes, raccoons, opossums, deer. We had a bee hive in the walls of a house. There were no bees inside but saw a swarm like a huge cloud exit with the queen one day. SCARY. Called a professional exterminator… He put “stuff” where they were entering and that was it. Good luck!

  3. Ramona says:

    Yikes, “animals where they shouldn’t be” is definitely not a happy slice. I hope your problem is resolved soon. We’ll be waiting to hear if your visitors are rodents or wildlife! And keep in mind that your visitors you’ve been expecting will be there soon.

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