drip, drip – solc 2019 #9

another day with skies of gray

mist envelopes all

low spots and hilltops, too

rain pours, or drizzles, or hangs in the air

no breaks for the sun


outlooks dim

joints ache, hearts break

moss is spreading on the bricks now

soon it will be hanging off us, too

mold and mildew creep in


thick clouds

blanketing the sky

wind arrives to blow and sweep and howl

blurred images out the window

and also in our minds


but tomorrow, the promise…

the sun will return

warming and waking the sodden ground

clean clear air for our lungs

hopes for a brighter day

11 thoughts on “drip, drip – solc 2019 #9

  1. I’m not sure where you live, but you have captured NC perfectly in this poem! I am so tired of rain! We have had more rain this year than any year I can remember, and it is so time for the sun. I appreciate the hopeful change in tone at the end, but your second stanza really resonated with me (maybe because it’s how I am feeling– mossy and mildew-y)!

  2. Just walked out of the movie into a cold rain… at least it is better than snow!

    • Since we hardly ever have snow here any more, it is always exciting when it comes. And since it never lasts long, I don’t dread the hardships of a big snowstorm. But a cold rain – ugh – makes me ache just thinking of it. Hope you have had some of the same days we have enjoyed recently – warm and sunny! Thank you (yes, again!) for reading fireflytrails.

  3. rosecappelli says:

    You did a great job of capturing the setting and your feelings. As they say – the sun’ll come out tomorrow!

  4. rdicarne says:

    I love your poem. I always find the rain inspirational. I may just be writing about it tomorrow because it is heading my way!

    • Rain is so necessary but I would never choose a wet day over a sunny one. Thanks to your words, the next cloudy day we have, I am going to look for the same inspiration you find in the rain. Thank you for reading fireflytrails.

  5. Your poem makes me smile as it reminds me of home on the other side of the planet – thought they can seem to get the snow to stop, which is highly unusual. Living in the land of nearly perpetual sun takes some getting used to. Thanks for the drips.

    • I am thankful for our seasons here, and I can only imagine the land of perpetual sun. I am sure it does take some time to get used to that, as beautiful as it sounds. Thank you for reading fireflytrails.

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