opening the door – solc 2019 #1

A door that has been closed for a while is opening up.  The passage through it leads to awareness, insight, connections, and decisions.

Writing makes me so much more conscious of what is going on around me.  Am I looking, but not seeing? When I write I am so much more aware of things outside myself.

Writing helps me think more carefully about what things really are and where their priority lies.  What is the essence of that situation? Putting thoughts into written words allows me to see the deeper meaning.

Writing helps me understand how things are woven together. How do these things relate? One idea reminds me of something else, and then I can make those connections and understand more fully.

Writing causes me to consider word choices and turns of phrases. What do I really want to say, and what is the best way to say it? Decisions abound in every keystroke.

My hand is turning the knob and I am pushing on the door. I see the rays of light spreading out around and beneath the wood as it creaks open.  My excitement rises. I am coming home to my true self.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the 2019 March Writing Challenge. Let this year’s writing adventure begin.

6 thoughts on “opening the door – solc 2019 #1

  1. blkdrama says:

    Writing is magic to me… and so easy to get it out with a computer. I still don’t take that for granted.

    • You are so right! Writing IS magic – just like it’s a miracle each time a child learns to read. Input (writing) and output (reading) work together magically. (Or maybe the inputs and outputs are the other way around.) And I also agree that the computer has made writing easier – and for me, possible. I only dreamed of writing before the computer came along.
      Thanks for reading fireflytrails.

  2. LSquared says:

    Ah, yes! You already remember why we do this, and it’s only day one. I like your image of light flooding in through the door barely opened. Mostly I do feel I’m my true self, or at least a better version of myself, when I write. 🙂 Let’s do this.

    • I hope you had a fulfilling month of writing in March. I was able to write every day, but the door is still only cracked open for me. Still, I am getting closer to a better version of myself, and I’ll bet you are too.
      Thanks for reading fireflytrails.

  3. paulabourque says:

    I especially like your comment, “Writing makes me so much more conscious of what is going on around me. Am I looking, but not seeing? When I write I am so much more aware of things outside myself.” Living a writerly life means noticing more-everything has a potential for story! Thanks for a great kick off to SOL!

    • That’s the wonder of it all to me. Writing makes my mind so much clearer and focused on the substance and the meaning of so many things I typically overlook.Hope your month was rewarding!
      Thanks for reading fireflytrails.

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