where’s waldo

Here’s the cover of the yearbook from our senior year in college. That’s quite a crowd for a football game at our Alma Mater, not known for talented teams or loyal fans.

Somewhere in this group are my husband and me, just dating at the time.  I have looked and searched but can’t quite spot us.  Yet.  I’ll keep looking.

What is odd is that, in my examination, I found so many people that I remembered.  I might not recognize them today, forty years later. But names that haven’t crossed my mind in YEARS came into my thoughts. Connections and memories were vivid.

Perhaps it is true that our minds are like filing cabinets – or computer files – and that they are full of an amazing amount of information.  It is just sometimes hard (or impossible?) to find the right folder when you are looking for it.

But I’m determined to find our faces in this crowd.

… seek and you will find…    Matthew 7:7

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