birthday girl

Who knew?

Oh, friends did tell me that grandchildren are the most wonderful joys.  And I believed them.

But I never really longed for a grandchild. I just thought, “When the time comes, that will be fine.”

And then the time came.

And things have NEVER been the same.

Wonderful joy indeed. We are so profoundly thankful.

Our first grandchild, sweet Madison, captured our hearts from the beginning –

  • her trusting innocence,
  • her beautiful smile,
  • her loving heart,
  • her bubbly giggles,
  • her inquisitive mind,
  • her old soul,
  • her sparkling joy.

Madison is four years old today! (How can time go so fast?)

We love you, precious one!

Your love has given me great joy and encouragement…  Philemon 1:7



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