a new lens

Our town is picturesque, and it isn’t unusual to see photos or paintings of familiar spaces here.  Sometimes you may see the artist at work, like Greg Barnes of Plein Air Painters of the Southeast.

I see lots of “wow” sights here.  Beautiful sky, lovely scene, interesting slant of sunlight.  A great place to create a work of art. If you have the talent.

This man obviously does. Perfect perspective, lively colors, gorgeous contrast of light and shadow! Is he using pastels?  Wow!

Look closer at only his art:

As carefully as he has recreated this scene, he has also added an almost “wistful” quality to it.  I do enjoy walking the sidewalks of our downtown.  I’d like to walk down the street he portrays, too, and see it through his new lens.

How many are your works, LordIn wisdom you made them all.  Psalm 104:24

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