feels like home

Well, it isn’t pretty but our furniture is back in the house.

As part of our remodeling project, we have had our floors refinished. Fortunately, our furniture fit in the garage. (The bigger pieces, anyway. The smaller things like chairs and end tables, we took upstairs. Many trips upstairs…)

Now the bigger pieces have been moved back in. The walls are not painted yet, so the furniture is in the middle of the rooms, but it is so nice to see it there. Now it is starting to feel like home again.

This reminds me of my husband’s precious grandmother. Several years ago, because of weakness from congestive heart failure, she had to be admitted to a nursing home. Thanks to the excellent care she received and answers to prayer, she was able to transfer to an assisted living facility. My husband and I brought several items from her home to furnish her room – a chest full of pictures and memories, her rocking chair, her recliner.

Her reaction was beautiful. She was filled with such joy to have these familiar pieces around her. Objects she thought she would never see again. She had already given away most of her possessions to family members and friends, but these special belongings meant so much to her.

We, on the other hand, knew our furniture would come “home.” It just feels good to have our things back where they belong.

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have.  Hebrews 13:5

One thought on “feels like home

  1. Donna Smith says:

    So true. We did the same thing for my mother-in-law and the familiar helped bridge that feeling of unfamiliar and familiar.
    When we had a house fire our stuff was in storage for 11 months. As we moved back in after that wait it was great to feel at home again. But 11 months in a motel room also made us realize our stuff wasn’t what made it home. It was us. We had all we needed.

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