waiting out the storm

Yesterday we took a ride in our pontoon.  As we left our cove and went out into the main part of the lake, my husband looked behind us and said, “That looks like rain.”

He tends to see things through Eeyore eyes, focusing on the negative, so I jokingly said, “Well, we better turn around and go back to the dock.”

But we went on ahead into sunny skies and sparkling water.  Our ride was cooled by pleasant breezes, and we were far from alone on this busy Labor Day weekend at the lake.  We watched skiers and wake boarders, and saw progress on new houses being built, and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of freedom that comes from being on the water.

As we turned around to head back towards home, we saw this.

Yes indeed, it did look like rain.

We were fortunate.  My husband found a cove to shelter in with a few other boats.  Although the wind shifted towards us, we remained on the edge of the storm and had only light rain, with the thunder and lightning remaining in the distance.

As we waited, we were vigilant, and prayerful, and sorry that we hadn’t paid more attention to the weather we joked about earlier.

This is so true of what we do with other storms of life.  After ignoring the signs of coming troubles, we tense up, stay on guard, and ask the Lord to deliver us.

Thankfully He hears our prayers.  God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1

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