today – solc2018#27

Wedged between yesterday’s blustery clouds

and tomorrow’s torrential rains is


Sunny, warm, spring-filled, breezy, satisfying today.


Thankfulness fills my heart for –

my husband’s quick return home from the ER

flexible schedules

healthy grandsons

our giggley granddaughter

being close to our children

a fun trip and safe return (for family)

a healing friend

plans for a kitchen remodel

unexpected home buying possibilities (for family)

chores accomplished

planned outings with friends

celebrating the hope of Easter this week

And I am so very thankful for today.


I am reminded of a song by Brad Paisley:

I don’t know about tomorrow
Right now the whole world feels right
And the memory of a day like today
Can get you through the rest of your life

3 thoughts on “today – solc2018#27

  1. So glad you had a good day! Hope that song is true for you!

  2. Love the song connection! So glad you are enjoying the present…TODAY!!!

  3. Love the beginning and end of this slice!

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