exceptional service – solc2018#26

Recently I ordered something online, and then cancelled the order about 2 hours later.  I received this email reply:

Your order has been canceled, for the following reason:
* request from you
Your credit card charges (if any) have also been cancelled.


Hooray! I kept this email and I waited for my credit card bill to come, only to discover that the charge HAD gone through. So I sent the following email in reply to the one above:

Unfortunately, this charge, for a cancelled order, DID come through on our credit card bill.

In the meantime we have had a fraudulent charge and that credit card has been cancelled. We are waiting to receive another card. Please advise as to how we can have this amount returned.


I sent this email on a Sunday, because I had the time to do so, not expecting to hear anything right away (if at all). Imagine my surprise when I received this response within a few hours:

You are correct, and I apologize. The order was canceled immediately, so I’m not sure why the charge went through. In any case, please note the following:

* we have refunded the amount, Below is a summary:
Transaction ID: XXXX
Payment Method: XXXX
Amount: $XXXX
Customer Name: XXXX

HOWEVER, after reading your email more thoroughly, I realize that you might not be refunded for the charge since you canceled the card.

I will make our accounting department aware of this issue, and they can send a check to you. Is the address on the order the correct address to which the check should be submitted?  Please verify, and again I apologize for the initial error.


I was so impressed that I immediately answered:

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. This kind of customer service is rare these days. I will definitely remember this when placing future orders.

I am sorry about the card being cancelled making this difficult. Thank you for sending a check.

The correct address is…


And by this time I wasn’t surprised when I received another prompt response:

You’re very welcome! We’ve tried very hard to maintain superior customer service as we’ve grown. It’s nice to know it’s appreciated!  Hope to see an order from you in the future. We are here whenever you’re ready!


How could I not reply to my “new friend”?

I work with our local Library Foundation. Two years ago we ordered several frames from you for our first Student Art Show, featuring fourth grade art from each school in our two districts.  It has been quite a success! We love the frames and re-use them each year. But we are a growing area, and seem to add new schools every year. This year we had our third annual show, and needed more frames. There was some confusion as to who was to order them, and that’s why I had to cancel. I will be sure the “new” people have your contact information in the future.  I have attached a couple of pictures from the reception. The art is displayed in local libraries for the next year. Thanks again for your help! I appreciate it very much.

I certainly complain loudly enough when something doesn’t get handled efficiently, and I have even written about that a couple of occasions on this blog. SO it is only fair for me to say that if you ever need frames that open in the front, making it easy to replace artwork from time to time, you might want to remember this company:


Facebook: dynamic frames @EZStoreFrames



One thought on “exceptional service – solc2018#26

  1. Donna Smith says:

    Love to see GOOD stuff about dealings online! I will remember to look them up and bookmark the business to use or pass along to others.

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