a perfect picture – solc18#14

There is so much to like in this photo. I keep being drawn back to it.

  • The geometric design is endlessly fascinating. Circles, squares, triangles. Beside, between, and among. Woven together in a satisfyingly symmetrical pattern.
  • A compass that points out, but draws you to its center.
  • The overall intransient permanence and stability, yet with tiny shapes that suggest a sense of orderly, continual movement and activity.
  • The colors of primarily shades of blues and browns. Complimentary and contrasting as well.
  • Defining lines of brighter colors pop.
  • Those separate spaces in the somewhat equal shadows that are alike and different at the same time.
  • Hundreds of fuzzy dashes and short strokes that create the realization of living but dormant plant life.
  • The light – the LIGHT!– creeping in with highlights and silhouettes, adding clarity and focus, hinting of a new day dawning and busier times ahead.
  • The stillness and tranquility of this present moment in time.
  • Because I know and love this place, the heightened viewpoint makes me think differently and ponder a different perspective.

Can you see it? Are you curious?

The photo itself is in the previous post. Perhaps the picture will be worth a thousand words.

Hopefully these parts, made of words, are at least a suggestion of the photo’s perfect whole.

4 thoughts on “a perfect picture – solc18#14

  1. Ramona says:

    I loved popping back to look at the photo! And then rereading your description. Just like you I love the symmetry and the color.

  2. Juliette says:

    The description is so detailed. Make the reader to go back and see it and compare it to the imagined one. Thanks this can be is a great activity for students.

  3. dnapz says:

    I love this!! I was kind of glad that you didn’t post the picture with the description. It made it more open to my connotations and connections!

  4. Ameliasb says:

    Yes that is really a special photo. Things that you can revisit are definitely rewarding aren’t they!

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