enthusiasm – solc2018#5

The weather affects my mood more than I care to admit.

This weekend was cool but sunny and oh-so-springy.  Just delightful! And I saw everything through rose-colored glasses.

Today is rainy (again!), and colder, with more low temperatures on the way.  I have been a bit sluggish today and not at all enthusiastic about things that must be done. Yes, its Monday, but I am going to blame it on the weather this time.

I wish I could always see the good and trust in the better to come. I am working on it.

It’s a great day to share this quote as a personal goal. It is from an obituary I saw for someone I did not know – Julia Green Williams – and it describes her love of tap dancing lessons:

“never allowing her enthusiasm and delight to be eclipsed by her skill”
Think about it. And then dance! This definitely brings a ray of light on this cloudy day.


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