today – solc2018#4

Some days are meant for writing – and others are meant for living, and noticing, and pondering. Then the words come later on.

Today was an “other” day.  A blessed day filled with so many wonderful things.  Good fodder for future stories.  Lots of things to think about.

  • beautiful sunshiney weather after a long season of wet and cold
  • the baptism of our grandson
  • a healthy, well-behaved little one
  • singing How Great Thou Art at church, reminding me of the life and influence of Billy Graham
  • sweet words and hugs from friends
  • the gathering of our small family to celebrate together
  • a visit to a beautiful historic home that’s never been on tour before in our heritage-minded community
  • the funeral of a precious woman, celebrating the home-going of a truly humble servant
  • seeing old friends and mentors, such influential people in the lives of our children and in our lives too
  • a walk through the neighborhood, noticing so many signs of spring

So many things for which to be thankful.  Reflecting on joy.

4 thoughts on “today – solc2018#4

  1. Elizabeth Pruett says:

    Sometimes it really is the little things in life that make for a wonderful day.

  2. Ameliasb says:

    This entry is such a beautiful collection – little vignettes like stars

  3. So many of the things on your list would make me happy, too, and I would just want to savor them as you did.

  4. jehansen13 says:

    I love this list of small things that add up to make a joy-filled day!

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