my friend – SOLC Tuesday

My mother’s sister – my Aunt Rosie – came for a visit this week.

This is a big deal!

Aunt Rosie is 93 years old. She drove herself, all by herself, from her home two hours away.  She has heart issues, which seem to have abated at this current time, and she is still saddened by the death of her husband of 74 years last May.

But she took the time to come and see our family! 

She was determined to do so, once she was feeling better, and she timed it to spend the day with our granddaughter, whom I keep on Mondays. Plus our children were able to come for dinner all together last night. What a special time!

Each second was a time to treasure!

My favorite moment was this: when our granddaughter Madison was a little intimidated by the neighbor’s son, she wanted me to hold her. Then she looked down at Jack, and then pointed to Aunt Rosie and said, “This is my friend Rosie.” (Dis is mah fwend Wohsi.)

Aunt Rosie is so special!

Madison’s middle name is Rosalie, after our sweet aunt. They had fun together all day long, taking walks outside and working puzzles. Coloring and watching Paw Patrol. And Madison wanted to share her friend.

We are all so thankful for Aunt Rosie, and the love she shares with us!


2 thoughts on “my friend – SOLC Tuesday

  1. Fran Haley says:

    What an incredible encounter – priceless! I am thinking of the glorious stories Rosie might tell about her own life – they should be captured.

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